My research focuses on statistical and deep learning approaches to solving problems in spatial, urban and network data science.  Several current projects include modeling and causal inference for overdose and social harm event data, fairness and interpretability in criminal justice forecasting, and modeling viral processes and link formation on networks using a combination of point processes and neural networks.  I received my undergraduate degree in mathematics from IU Bloomington and my PhD in mathematics from UCSB with an emphasis in Computational Science and Engineering.   



Ph.D. in Mathematics, University of California Santa Barbara, 2008

NSF IGERT Fellow in Computational Science & Engineering


M.A. in Mathematics, University of California Santa Barbara, 2005

B.S. in Mathematics (Highest Distinction), Indiana University, 2003


Academic Employment

2021-present Professor

Indiana University - Purdue University Indianapolis

Department of Computer and Information Science 

2019-present Director

Indiana University - Purdue University Indianapolis

Institute for Mathematical Modeling and Computational Science

2016-2021 Associate Professor

Indiana University - Purdue University Indianapolis

Department of Computer and Information Science 


2010-2016 Assistant Professor

Santa Clara University

Department of Mathematics and Computer Science 


2008-2010 CAM Assistant Adjunct Professor

University of California, Los Angeles 

Department of Mathematics

Graduate Students


Wen-Hao Chiang (PhD, expected 2021)

Samira Khorshidi (PhD, 2017-present)

Xueying Liu (PhD, 2017-present)

Hao Sha (PhD, 2021)

Ritika Pandey (MS, 2020)

Bo Peng (MS, 2019)

Raghavendran Vijayan (MS, 2018)

Editorial Activities

Associate Editor, International Journal of Forecasting, 2020-present


Grants and Awards

IU Racial Justice Research Fund, High-stakes pairing systems for mitigating police bias and misconduct.  Joint w/ Jeremy Carter and James Hill.  $14,915. 2020-2021.  

NIJ grant 2019-R2-CX-0004,  The Impact of Gunshot Detection Technology on Gun Violence in Kansas City and Chicago: A Multi-Pronged Synthetic Control Evaluation.  Joint w/ Eric Piza (PI) and Jeremy Carter, $503,305.  2020-2021.

NSF grant SCC-1737585, SCC-IRG Track 2: Real-Time Algorithms and Software Systems for Heterogeneous Data Driven Policing of Social Harm, joint with co-PIs Jeremy Carter and Rajeev Raje, $791,513. 9/2017- 8/2020


NSF grant ATD-1737996. ATD: Collaborative Research: Point Process Algorithms for Threat Detection from Heterogeneous Human Mobility and Activity Data, $100,000.  9/2017- 8/2020


NSF grant REU-1659488 , REU Site: Data Science of Risk and Human Activity, joint with co-PI Mohammad al Hasan, $287,377.  3/2017- 2/2020

NIJ Real-time crime forecasting challenge.  First place in nine categories of large business division.  Joint w/ Mike Porter, $135,000.  2017.


NSF grant SES-1343123, INSPIRE: Computational modeling of grievances and political instability through global media, joint with LaFree (PI), Cunningham, Golbeck, and Torrens.  9/2014- 8/2017


NSF grant DMS-0968309, FRG: Collaborative Research: Mathematics of large scale urban crime, joint with Andrea Bertozzi (PI), George Tita, Jeff Brantingham, Martin Short, Lincoln Chayes, and Frederic Schoenberg.  9/2010-8/2013



USSN 13/605,737. Title: Event Forecasting System


USSN 13/306,919. Title: Systems and Methods for Data Fusion Mapping Estimation